So, I just got a Scarlett 2i4, mainly because I was fed up of my old Line 6 UX1's lack of a second XLR in and its noisy pres. I thought it might be a good time to learn to re-amp with it.

Basically, at the moment, I'd like to re-amp my bass DIs through my Sansamp RBI, but I have no idea where to start.
I've had a search around for videos and tutorials, but haven't found anything I can make sense of.

I can either use Reaper (total noob) or Mixcraft 7 (which I'd prefer since I'm more familiar with it), but if Reaper is the better option, I kinda need to be taught pretty much every step from importing the file to pretty much every stage on of the routing and re-amping.
I know that I need to properly learn how to use the interface and all that shit, but it's hard dropping everything to learn a new DAW from scratch.

I'm not currently using the two TRS balanced outs on the back, so would one of them do for going between the scarlett and the Sansamp's front input?
I'm guessing that I should then run the "sansamp" xlr output on the back to one of the inputs on the front of the 2i4?
How about setting up the signal path in reaper?

If someone could explain the routing and reaper setup like I'm five, I'd be very grateful and would send millions of fake internet points.
Thanks very much in advance!

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I believe you need a reamp box, so you'd connect a line out from your interface into the reamp box, which would then go into the Sansamp input, which would then go into an input of the interface.
I have a reamp box but I've never actually used it so I can't confirm and I'd wait for someone who's actually done it to confirm, but I believe that's the jist of how it works.
Search reamp on Google images, you'll see some diagrams of how it works.
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DI box in reverse would do in a bind but sometimes you can even be OK reamping the line level.

Lets think this through - you are basically soloing your bass DI, piping out the recorded DI sound and recording it back into the DAW.

It works the same in whatever DAW you pick, I'm familiar with both but for sake of argument lets stay on Mixcraft.

Create a new audio track to record on (mono) and select input1. Put it in record mode but activate the mute button on it.

Activate "solo" on your DI track you want to reamp and put it in center with a healthy dose of signal. So now your DI track will be sending signal on output 1+2 through the master on Mixcraft.

Make sure you disable all master effects and all effects you might have on the DI track, unless you want to print with those on. Some people like to leave a bit of compression...but maybe that stays on for later.

So take one of your two outputs, output1 for simplicity sake and feed that with a 1/4 guitar jack into the Sansamp box (or if you have XLR even better, or TRS to 1/4 instrument conversion jack, but try with just regular guitar cable if you don't have it), then the ouput of the Sansamp box goes into input 1. Adjust levels and hit record on the new audio track.

If you're handy with soldering gun there is a reamp box DYI on Recording magazine's site with part #s for easy ordering, or you could try a DI box in reverse.

Personally, I didn't see big difference between sticking the output of my Presonus interface into my Tiny Terror, or using a $120 reamp box in between, just watch the volume. The more gain/overdrive you pile on, the noisier it gets.

My link below to Soundcloud (High Energy Fracture) the rhythm was recorded with guitar cable out of my FP10, into overdrive box into Tiny Terror while I was waiting on a TRS to XLR adapter for my Radial reamp box
It sounded good so I kept it
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Thanks for all the info, diabolical!
One problem I'm getting now is a large amount of feedback which means I have no way of hearing the output of the sansamp.
I'm going:
Output 1 on 2i4 > front input on sansamp > rear XLR out > 2i4 front input.
I am getting sound back into mixcraft now, but it's a blend of both the sansamp sound and the raw DI even though the sansamp is only outputting a distorted signal just to test.

I imagine the feedback is because the output on the 2i4 is TRS and I've used mono cables, so I'll get right to work on putting together a TRS to 2 mono jack cable
I still don't know where to go with the mix of DI and Sansamp thing though.
I don't think the issue is the cable, I think you're getting the feedback because you're still monitoring input.

You will have to mute incoming on the rec. channel. If the audio card has input monitoring, you'll have to disable that from the hardware or hardware's mixer.

In my case it is a fader on front which can either be input monitoring or audio card output, idea is to hear what you're recording real time. So I have to put it to 100% audio card output instead so I'm not monitoring incoming. You also have to disable pass through monitoring inside the DAW.

Another option if your interface has more than two outputs would be to change the output channel of the di recorded signal to output other than your master bus, say output3 and feed that through the Sansamp and back in the input.
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I don't think the issue is the cable, I think you're getting the feedback because you're still monitoring input.

You will have to mute incoming on the rec. channel. If the audio card has input monitoring, you'll have to disable that from the hardware or hardware's mixer.

That fixed it!
Next problem:
There seems to be a lot more noise and hum in the signal than there is if I just go bass>sansamp>2i4.
There aren't ground loop switches on either. Is this something a reamp box might fix?