Hello! Looks like this is the place where all the guitar experts hang out so here is one for you... I need help positively identifying this guitar. It says it is a Samick Artist Series Edition and is an acoustic electric jumbo cutaway. However, I cannot find a reference to this particular guitar anywhere; I have not run across anything that looks even close to this. It has a very unique top and the squiggly line across the top is inlaid; it also has green dot inlays on the fret board. One interesting feature is that it has an XLR jack as well as a regular phone jack. I suspect it is a Spruce top but don't know for sure; I also don't know the country of origin, however there is a "CE" sticker of the back of the headstock which is curious. Any help you could provide with information on this guitar would be appreciated. Thanks!!
I don't know what it is, but it's very unique and probably crafted top notch. Treat it good and keep it forever.
have you tried contacting samick to see if they happen to know anything about the guitar?
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I just looked in my Oxford English Dictionary and under "Acoustic Guitar", there was your Avatar and an email address!
"CE", is guitar manufacturer shorthand for, "cutaway w/ electronics". "SCE", is usually "solid top, cutaway w/ electronics". It usually appears in the model number as a suffix.

I've seen the, (and had), guitars with the "CE" sticker on the neck. I guess I lack native curiosity, because I really didn't give a damn what it meant, I just took it off and threw it away.

As far as Sammick, "Artist Series" goes, that designation seems to cross over to all of the types of guitars Sammick builds, (electrics, acoustics, bass). Which, (IMO), makes it quite vague in aiding to identify this particular guitar. So, does the durn thing have a model number on the sticker inside?

"Guitar Museum" lists 193 models of Sammick guitars. Here's the link, better get crackin': http://www.guitar-museum.com/manufacturer.php?ID=1314

To me, the guitar looks like Sammick was going through a "Luna phase", (great pun, even if I do say so myself).

So, as Patti says contact Sammick by email and ask, "wazzup" with the guitar. I'd say upload a small photo too, but it might get tossed in the spam folder, as a possible malware threat.. If they answer your first email, then ask if you can attach a photo.
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Is it this "CE"?

If it is, that has nothing to do with cutaway w/ electronics. It's a conformation code for a certain European standards organization.
My God, it's full of stars!
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Is it this "CE"?

If it is, that has nothing to do with cutaway w/ electronics. It's a conformation code for a certain European standards organization.
That would be my guess as to the sticker. I had always thought it was similar to the US "UL" (Underwriters Labs), but I didn't quite see the point, since there is no AC line voltage associated with a guitar preamp.
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^^^^ It's a general conformity mark:


We see it here in Oz, maybe we have accepted the CE standard.
Yeah well, even with a CE or UL sticker, if the missus gets sick and tired of your poop, a toaster in your bath water will still get her point across.