I've noticed that sometimes the cymbals will sound like they are going through a phaser (or maybe a flanger effect) after they get turned into an mp3. It seems the higher the kilobytes per second you have, the less it does that on an mp3. I noticed that a little bit on your cymbals (otherwise they sound good), but I've heard much worse. Guitar playing is tight, and I like most of your riffs. I like the piano a lot. Please review my music at this link:

Hello BlackFalcon.

This is a pretty cool track. It's well composed and well played. I liked the guitar tone you gt for the main distorted parts. I really liked the end section with the lead guitar and piano - it had a nice relaxing feel to it.

Mix wise - it sounded pretty good. For the most part everything seems to have a clear space and come across clean. A couple of small points - the snare sounds a little dry and out of place, and the lead guitar part kinda jumped out over everything a little bit around 0:45 - I would maybe try an dial it back a little.

As for the cymbals - I would agree with aaronadvark - look at what format you are exporting to and what bitrate. If I recall correctly, soundcloud actually does it's own conversion when you upload so there isnt any need to convert from .wav yourself before hand (unless you really limited on your internet connection). If may also reinforce any losses in quality. If you need to go to mp3 I would go 320kb/s minimum.

My latest creation if you fancy a listen.

Awesome groove here, frenetically fantastic fury tamed into mighty musical muscle. In fact the whole music is hugely heavy, and consummately composed and arranged symphonically into a glorious sound of driving intensity. I would argue that this needs a vocal to complete it as a piece of music per se, but as it is it would work excellently as a backing track to an appropriate film or visual scene.
Ominously threatening, inexorably pounding, outstandingly constructed music here, well engineered and produced and performed with masterful musicianship. A rich riot of disciplined sound, full of tenebrous textured tone.

For a kooky change you can C4C here.
cool stuff man. heavy! I liked it! great guitar playing..everything seemed to flow nicely. I don't know much about recording..so cant really help u there..i would love to hear some vocals to this though. also..by the 2 min mark I think this is begging for some type of change up..a new chord or maybe even a tempo change? something to mix it up a little. overall I really like it man...I was head banging to this haha! crit mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1675665