Hi guys,

Bit of a weird question to ask on a guitar forum, but i'm currently writing a baroque aria and I can't for the life of me remember how to signal to repeat the A section again at the end of the B and then go to the recitative. Would it be D.C al Coda and then signal the recitative as the Coda?

Any help would be appreciated.
In baroque music it would just be indicated da capo and everyone knew what to do. For the real world DC al fine would probably be clearer. Then the recitative is separate from the aria. It's not really a coda.

Also it's not 1680 so you can do whatever you want.
What JRF said. We don't follow Baroque conventions anymore, so even if you're writing in that style there is no need to imitate their notation practices.
Thanks for the reply people :-) Should have pointed out that it's for an assignment at University so I do get extra marks for following conventions I believe. But thank you anyway
A lot of times it was just assumed you were supposed to repeat the A section. Confused the hell out of me the first time I heard someone play a piece and then take a repeat that wasn't notated in the score.

I'm gonna give the dead horse a few more solid hits and say it's 2015 homeboy, the world is your oyster. Do whatever feels right.