Hi mate, thanks very much for the crit on my song. As aaron said, the sound quality could be better but that is easily explained by how you recorded it! I really like the vocal melodies, especially the one used in the first couple of lines. You have a strong voice, definitely one of the best I've heard on this site in recent times. Lyrics made me chuckle. Good work!
Nice man! Good playing and I like the singing. It reminds me of a song I've heard before but I can't remember what right now.
Hey man, I'm so sorry, I forgot to check back on this forum after I posted my song last month. I noticed you critiqued, so here we go:

First of all, recording quality could be better, but I realize the emphasis is on songwriting so I'll stay there.
I like the song. This sounds like a good one to whip out at a bar or open mic. Simple and catchy. I can see a sing-along happen if you repeat the "Money makes her mad" line a few more times ( at least I think that's what you say lol). Some EQing and compressor would really make this track pop.