Hi, so I'm going to be moving to a music university in Japan in a couple years and by then I want to have a much more versatile and professional guitar, I was wondering how much would a custom Esp cost? I'll want to fully customize one, I'm expecting at least 2-3k but still not sure. Anyone know?
Way more than that. Like, double your number at least. Contact ESP if you're serious.

Individual luthiers usually have far better prices than the custom shops at large companies, for all sorts of different reasons. You'll find a better value elsewhere.
Not necessary, really.

Versatile and professional guitars are pretty inexpensive these days. Custom ESPs aren't important to your career at a music university.

In fact, I'd advise just the opposite, since it's likely that what you think you want going INTO the music university will be changing significantly as you move through the curriculum. Don't overthink things when you're going into an experience that is *supposed* to change the way you view music.

You'll want competent. You'll want comfortable. You may even want a custom touch or two, but you may also find that what you think is an important custom feature now makes little or no difference in the long run. Let your progress at the university determine what's important.

And take Roc8995's advice -- a custom guitar from a big manufacturer is likely to cost you more and do less than something from a really good individual builder.
that is great to hear. My advice is simple as we'll never find the perfect guitar, I'll do i t in point form.

*if you like the sound of the guitar you're on the right road. Acoustically and not
*if your guitar intonates and stays in tune
*if the nut is properly cut
*if the guitar has been professionally set up
*if the guitar has perfectly leveled frets
put it this way though you give any guitarist you look up to a ibanez gio, squier strat or something we'll tell jokes about and they will still play great, not amazingly unless their tech worked on the guitar but you'd be surprised.

play as many guitars as you can until university and save up if you want but in the time frame from now until then see what you like and what works for you. When you've made up your mind about specs it can help to get something build that you'll never get or see out of any production model. With custom shops too since they know every wiring known to man and you want versatility tell them the things you want. Make sure it's not overly complicated like the jimmy page wiring is for beginners but I'm sure you'll do great. There is a world out there besides basic volumes and tones or just coilsplits.

production models can be worked on by techs and they'll find any flaws in your existing guitars no matter how american or japanese if some guys working on 100 guitars a day lets say they will let a few things not important to beginner or intermediates slide. You'll save a bunch of money too. It's cool to get something expensive but some guys CAN (but not always as everyone is different) either get buyers remorse or something so pretty they are too afraid to play/dent it.

always remember every piece of gear from cables, strings, picks , tone capacitors , heads/cabinets to kempers or axe fx effect the sound. Don't just stop at pickups. But yeah take any advice from me you want and just keep playing. Remember the player makes the guitar good not the gear. I can pass a beginner a gibson les paul custom or custom shop guitar and they will still make the same mistakes and or resort to smoking hot metallica riffs they just learned on songsterr the other week.

by the way in Japan see if you can grab some japan only market ibanez or ESP (edwards is esp too) , i'd love to see their retail price without import and shipping charges as there was a few edwards i'd love to grab.
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