I just set up my guitar action and it require me to unmount everything and now I forget how about the problem when I unmount it!!!!

I don't have a special tool to hold neck to body so How can I mount it back? Do I need duck tape???

I need a quick answer please!!!
You took the neck off your guitar and don't know how to put it back on?
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Quote by the_bi99man
You took the neck off your guitar and don't know how to put it back on?

Solved !!! I just put heavy thing + Pillow and Screw 4 drive at the same time. Solved!!!
WTF did I just read?
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Quote by ESPRZKSpieler
WTF did I just read?

Yeah not being funny but OP would you mind taking a photo of what you did because your posts don't give me the impression you know what you're doing unless you're just having a laugh
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You took the neck off to set up your guitar's action...? Did you at least make sure there was a full blood moon outside before doing this? As well as wearing the proper hats to perform this ritual...
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I guess he removed the neck to adjust the truss rod at the heel, and then he didn't know how to keep it into place while he tightened the screws, we'll probably never know

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Quote by the_bi99man
You took the neck off your guitar and don't know how to put it back on?

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