This song is about a couple having a picnic in a breezy beautiful field, but one is cheating on the other. I have never really been sure what the numbers in this song mean and I wrote this about 5 years ago

Pure color over pure color,
Dabbled things, coupled color.
All the land plotted, and pieced.
Through shadow hides the dullard.

Hidden and weighed, wafting and waving.
Over blue on green, couples gazing.
Illness, profound and dumb, yet
19 of 9 are still blazing

And time coming ever imminent.
But loving? Oh, too soon...
We're all as brindled as a feather
Like objects, hidden through her pied beauty,
You'll never, as long as you'll be.
Twister, slower, sweeter.
Through betrayal comes you and me

And hidden through my love for you
Robin's egg eyes would die for you.
I would always love another...
And still burns,19 of 22

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