I can't find KTG-1 anywhere, I've been looking for it way too long. Now I just want to find a similar preamp which gives "Lonerism" sound. Could you recommend me something? Cheers
Why do you want a standalone preamp?
What tones do you want exactly (please give songs/bands as reference)?
What's your budget?
What's your current gear?
Name's Luca.

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I can spend about £250 and my gear is: Squier Jaguar, VOX AC30, fuzz face, Boss Bluesdriver, EHX Small Stone Nano, EHX Holy Grail Nano, Dyna Comp and TC Electronic Flashback Delay. I want a preamp so I can get as close as it's possible to this sound ("[KTG-1]It will
generate a wide range of guitar sounds, from super clean to radical overdrive") I heard KTG-1 is the most important thing to get this sound but I can't find it. I believe there's a preamp which is as good as KTG-1.
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Maybe ADA MP-1 or Marshall JMP-1
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