Hello guys,

Would any of you be able to recommend a cheap but decent pedalboard PSU? Similar to the one below:


I'm looking for a foam case + psu integrated combo for below £50 if possible? I'm open to used as well.

I use an Artec Power Brick:

I think I paid about £20 for a used one, it does a great job & has never had any issues in the 2 years I've been using it.

For a case I have one of these:

I know you're looking for a foam case, but that's a solid case for a decent price.
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normally most people say not to get one which is built into the case since you can get better psus separately.

if you're ok with buying online, thomann does the harley benton power plant junior, which is an isolated supply for ~£25. word is it's a cheaper clone of the t-rex fuel tank jr. (the bigger, non-junior harley benton one isn't isolated)


dv247 (now owned by musicstore in germany) does what looks to be a cheap clone of the voodoo labs pedal power plus under its house brand, fame. I haven't tried it, but it also has a good rep (though I think it's meant to be a bit bulky so you'd need to check it'd fit on your board when you get one).


the plug on the thomann one is hardwired but they normally send you an earthed adaptor for free. i think the fame one uses a kettle lead so you could just use a UK kettle lead instead of the EU one you'll likely get with the fame one (though if they sell through DV247 in the UK they really should provide it for free).
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