When it was time to look for a tremoloed companion for my fixed-bridged Jackson Warrior X series, BC Rich came to mind. I was familiar with their guitars having previously owned a dreaded Warlock Bronze Series, which by the way was flawless and GC did a good job with the setup. By my research, on paper, the NJ Warlock is one of the best deals around: neck-through construction, mahogany body (and neck), ebony fretboard, active electronics, Grover tuners, Floyd Rose 1000 Series, all put together by the relatively respected Koreans and with an MSRP of $500.

Xmas coupons made a purchase from an online seller irresistible. I was aware that I shouldn't expect much in terms of a setup, since all these types of businesses do is put the guitar box in another box and slap a shipping label on it. For all they care or know, the box might as well be filled with sand or the guitar broken in three.

Sure enough, when the guitar arrived, the action was super high, the bridge was out-of-whack, and I didn't dare to check the intonation. But the knobs and tuner nuts also needed some tightening. Upon inspection I noticed 2 hairline scratches between the pickups and a knick on the body inside the trem cavity. Other than that I could find nothing wrong with guitar. The paintjob is excellent, the binding still mostly white.

Unlike the very light Warrior, the NJ Warlock is hefty, the neck thicker but very comfortable. It's a neck-diver of course but a strap pad will keep the neck any way I put it. The first thing I did was replace the original strap buttons with Dunlop strap locks. If you have a bad sitting position like I do, you'll end up poking the poorly positioned strap button into your chest. I would have also preferred the jack to be placed on the inside of the body instead of on the bottom edge, which is way down.

The FR is time-consuming to deal with. I used to have an old Charvel that had the older type Kahler system and I don't recall it being like that. It does stay in tune though no matter what. The Grover tuners are very good, better than the Gotoh tuners on the Jackson, they all turn nicely and uniformly.

The NJ Warlock offers a very flat body design, there's no bevel to speak of, let alone a belly contour. Although overall this NJ Warlock does look more elegant than the Bronze Series. It differs considerably from the Warrior, which is the most comfortable guitar I've played. The Warlock takes some getting used, especially if you like to play standing. Even though the scale length is a shorter 24 5/8", there's plenty of space for your fingers all along the fretboard thanks to smaller-than mega jumbo frets.

The Warlock sounds loud unplugged in comparison to the basswood Warrior, perhaps there is something to the whole wood argument? Once plugged it, the Duncan Designed pickups do a great job. They do not sound noticeably worse than the EMG 81/85 on my Warrior. I would even say I prefer the sound of the Warlock. Still, I might replace the bridge pickup with an original SD Blackouts to see if it makes a difference.

Overall, I'm very happy with the purchase, even more so considering the reasonable price.

Nice . not really a big Warlock fan but the NJ series is something i am a fan of. well made guitars that put to rest the whole "BC Rich" sucks thing. the fingerboards are wider than most and do take some time to get used to. ebony board is a nice feature. personally i prefer the maple neck thru ones to the all mahogany but that's just me, either way is good.

great to see anothe BC Rich player here on the boards
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yay, pointy guitars!
looks like a great deal, this made me regret not purchasing a neck with an ebony fretboard for my next guitar

that guitar is like falling in love with a stripper
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Booyah! That is one sexy guitar my friend. I actually really like that headstock too. The whole guitar looks mean. HNGD!

I may actually end up getting a Warlock myself. My dad hates the pointies, but even he loves the Warlock. lol
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Pointy as fook.

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Congrats! I have an older Warlock that has a little beveling to the edges. I guess they musta changed their spec.
nice! i like that it has a normal headstock. pointy but classy.

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