I recently upgraded from a fender mustang to a tube amp, and I've been slowly getting pedals. First I got a reverb, a TC Hall of Fame. It sounded damn good in the store, and I found it for $100: much cheaper than anything else. I've been very happy with the quality and sounds of it, and now that I'm looking to get a delay pedal I immediately checked out the flashback. It certainly seems like another great pedal, but I wanted to compare my options. I've been looking at catalinbread, seymour duncan, mxr, boss, and digitech as well. All of these cost under $200 and seem like great choices, so I'd like to limit my budget to that. Unfortunately my local store only has some of these, so I can't test them all out. I'm going through all the youtube videos I can find, but its not making my decision any easier. Naturally I'm going to test the pedal before I buy it, I just want to get a sense of which pedals I should seriously consider.

To those with a delay: do you find you like and use different delay settings, or is a single type sufficient for everything you need? I really like catalinbread pedals, but I don't know if the versatility of the TC would be better suited for my bedroom player status.
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how you use it is up to you completely. personally i tend to use delay to fatten up my leads so it's pretty much set and forget (adjusted for room if playing live). many others may want slap back for one song and a long delay for the next song so need the ability to have multiple settings.

currently i'm using a Lovepedal Gen 5 but i don't think those are made any more. the digitech hardwire delay is nice.
I use a boss dd3 at 2 settings. A slapback and a bit longer, subtle one for leads. Im not playing out right now, so switching between them is no problem, but when I do I will buy another delay. The dd3 is a great delay, if you want digital. However, you may want to check out the dd5 or 7 too.
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Sorry, there's going to be a fifteen minute wait until I can discuss that pedal.
I like the Flashback, but I've heard alot of good things about I think its called the Aquapuss recently.
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I like strymon delays, and definitely use a wide range of delay tones/settings but I'm a delay junkie.

I don't like the flashback because it doesn't self oscillate, if that's not important to you it's a great sounding little pedal though.

If you want analog I like the malekko ekko for ~$150, or something like a memory man if that's your budget.
If you want digital, I recommend the flashback at ~$150, or strymons if you have the money.

I know your budget is ~$200, but looking at the more expensive pedals will give you an idea of what features you'll miss out on with the cheaper pedals.

For absolute budget, I actually quite like the biyang Time Machine, it's a nice sounding little digital delay. The boss dd3 is also quite nice and available pretty cheap used. I love the ibanez de7 (discontinued). I brought mine for under $40 and love it.
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I have a Flashbacks (two in fact...) and can totally recommend it, especially if you're not sure and would like to try out different delays. It does everything great and is very reliable.
If you're not sure what kind of delay sound you are after, try a digital delay like the Flashback.
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The Line 6 Echo Park is a nice little inexpensive delay. And their Verbzilla is likewise for reverb.
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I'd go with the Flashback or a Line 6 DL8, just cause they have a looper function, sound great, have multiple dely options, and cost very little for all you get.
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i love my malekko 616 and my malekko 616 lo-fi. they are awesome. TB/BBP option, modulation with speed and depth, can go on or off. 650ms of delay.

they are sweet. i got the 616 for $110 and the lo-fi for $80, and i absolutely love them. look around for a good price.