hey guys! I've been looking to trade my 72' thinline telecaster deluxe reissue for something less bright. I'm looking for something that can serve more of a rhythm guitar sound. My band is heavy/alt rock and the 72 thinline is just way too bright for those big/warm chords I'm going for. I've been doing some research and came across the Fender FMT HH. Seems like an excellent guitar for my needs just wondering if anyone has any experience with these, specifically the Indonesian builds.

Telecaster FMT HH

If you have played one im curious, how is the build quality? does it stay in tune well? Is the sound less bright then your typical telecaster? will it work well live and in the studio for an alt rock band?

I love the look and feel of telecasters but am not married to them, I'd like to explore other options but right now this is my most likely choice. any other suggestions are welcome Oh and I'm running an OCD through a vox AC30

I only played one briefly when I was working at Guitar Center. It got delivered to us by mistake and had a broken toggle switch. I really liked how it played. Pretty heavy for a tele. Pickups were nice. Only thing I'd change about it is rough up the neck finish to make it less sticky.
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My mates got one, but the natural spalted top one. Real nice guitar, great for alt rock sort of stuff, and think its got a coil tap aswell? Or i may be thinking of a different model
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