So I've had my ibanez for a while now, it's a fantastic guitar which suits me very well loving the neck, sound look, one of my favourite comfortable to play

The massive downfall is the edge III I play live very regular and found myself almost tuning between every song and never had this problem with my Jackson or my lespaul ( fixed bridge bit different) plus the dam arm won't stay in even with tightening and the knife edge looks like it's starting to wear a tiny bit which may be causing me the problems,

iv been going through various threads etc and it seems the edge III has a bad reputation and I'd like to replace it with a more stable and durable one

Now there's been a lot of different opinions on the edge pro either fitting directly or not fitting and taking a lot of routing
But I also don't fancy spending £200 on a trem

I'd also prefer a direct drop in or very minor routing, with the same post spacings

Anybody had this knowledge/experience and successfully replaced the edge III?
Ibanez Edge Pro, OFR, and Gotoh LFR will fit the route (or at least that's what the Floyd Rose sticky on EG says).

Depending on where you live, a Schaller Lockmiester might be your best option overall.
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^ Yeah you can get a lockmeister or even the regular schaller one for a good bit less on thomann (though IIRC the nut is the wrong size for an ibanez, you might have to get them to special order the one with the correct nut).

the studs might be a different size, not sure about that. but would be worth checking. schaller, gotoh and floyd rose have routing templates on their websites so it's fairly easy to check.
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