Hi guys i am going to buy my first electric. Please suggest me whether to go for schecter omen extreme or cort kx1q.
They're almost identical, as far as general quality of build and parts go. I'd recommend the Schecter, but really just because I like Schecter as a company, and have always been impressed with the bang for your buck factor of their budget models. Just take whichever you like the look of more, unless you have a chance to actually play them and try them out. If you can do that (not just the same model, but actually play the exact one that you might buy), play them both and take whichever feels better.
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Actually i am getting the cort much cheaper than the schecter so i might go with the cort. Still i will play both of them once.
I noodled around quite a bit on an Omen Extreme a while back and I really, really liked it. I wouldn't hesitate to buy one as my second guitar.
Dude, I play bass. I don't get paid for anything past the 4th fret.
Get the schecter. First "real" guitar I got years ago was a gryphon which is pretty much the same spec wise and it was a fantastic and quality guitar for being one of their cheapest at the time.
I too love schecter guitars. But recently i heard that the stock diamond pickups are a bit too muddy. Is it?
They're fine for what they are. You're never going to be able to get a cheap guitar with the companies own pickups that you'll not want to ever uprade.