I'm looking to buy a good & cheap short scale bass guitar. Suggestions would be appreciated.
after trying lots of short scale basses, i'd say that the Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass Special SS (Short Scale) is the best one i've played at under $300. it's $179 pretty much everywhere in the u.s., and i really enjoy mine. for $30 less, the squier bronco bass is a lightweight and fun short scale available in red and black. not sure why i sold mine, as it really was nice to play, although i find the 2 pickups on the jag more versatile.

i had a mikro, and it's also a good short scale. nice quality, decent sound, but i found that the way i place my right hand got it sort of trapped between the two pickups, which are really close together. otherwise a good bass, and slightly shorter scale than the others i've posted.

i haven't tried it myself, but some folks on talkbass speak well of the SX short scale at rondo - it's full name is the SX Ursa 1 JR MN Short Scale 3/4 Bass. available in a variety of colors including sunburst.
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Your conditions of "good & cheap" severely limit you. Patticake is right though; the Squier Jag shortscale is the best shortscale for the money I've ever played in the under $200 range, and the slim neck makes it super-fast to play. Watch for a 15% off coupon from one of the online retailers and you can get it delivered to your door for $154.

One thought about the Ibanez Mikro... It's not a true shortscale as most people consider a shortscale bass to be in the 30" scale range. It's really a sub-shortscale with a scale length of 28.5". This may or may not be an issue for you, I dunno. It's a bit harder finding strings to fit the Mikro properly.
It's for my buddy, actually. He's a small guy and he specifically asked for a short scale bass.
As a "small woman" that is one of the worst reasons to buy a small scale imho. I've gone into this reasoning before on the forums, but with a little practice and preserverence, most people can handle a full sized bass. I own several full sized basses and an upright, and have no issues playing any of them.

Short scales have a different tone and playabiility than a full scale. A short scale Mustang is not going to sound the same as a full sized Precision. That's another factor to consider.