Guys, I’m in a singular helpless situation here

So there is this opportunity I buy this highway one guitar (US11XXXXXX). Looks strange but possible to be US11, so I did some research and maybe this is one of the last. OR, that could be an American special neck, maybe again?! Problem is, that body DOES NOT look like a Highway1 AT ALL! Bottom line… Looks like everything is all highway1, except for the body. I got some pictures… please, help me out! Am I tripping? all those stickers and numbers mean anything to you?

tks a bunch

I do not think it is a HW1, the finish should be satin...

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Quote by Perverockstar69
I do not think it is a HW1, the finish should be satin...

Yeah, that was my suspicion as well. Turns out the vendor didn’t have much information about the guitar because his son was the one who used to sell them, before he moved away. He left everything in his dad’s to be sold. So he asked his son about it and there it comes – it’s a fender American special guitar, with a highway1 pickguard. The original one was sold and he decided to put the highway1 in its place.

Hope that helps for future researches.
Quote by gregs1020
american special with a hwy1 guard, i'd believe that.

Yeah, the numbers in the body support that.
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