How many of you guys take adderall or ritalin before you practice to practice for longer amd focus more clearly? I remember reading an article stating that hendrix used to do it. Any of you guys have negative opinions on it? Positive? ? I want to hear them : )
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LSD works better

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I use adderall because it's prescribed. But yeah it definitely helps focus. I remember playing one song on the piano over and over again for two hours before it was done, and it only felt like thirty minutes.

I haven't had any negative effects from adderall at all really.

but, i would recommend you not take adderall if it is not prescribed to you.
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I prefer marijuana. Smoke a fat bowl... smoke another fat bowl, then go inside and let the creativity flow. You gotta get your stoned chops up at the same level as your sober chops if you wana be a famous touring musician. I'm working on my LSD chops but I havent managed to play guitar yet... I get distracted by the rainbows and auras
Yeah I just take drugs and play guitar because it's fun. I'm not a 'yeah maaaaan drugs make you do shit better' kind of crowd. I'm well aware that I'm ****ed out of my mind and what I'm doing most likely is shit.
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Vyvance works great, especially since the effects lasts all day. I like to take kratom while playing guitar as well since the stimulating effects and mood uplift really helps with creativity and motivation.
I'll get hammered and try to play the piano or ukulele but that never works as I've not developed state dependent memory for playing music while drunk yet.
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i was just asking because i took some 20mg ir adderrall earlier today and have practiced for 6 hours straight..thank god for benzos for comedowns...Plus adderall has been helping me get back into motivating myslef to learn to play again