Their are so many guitar picks. What are the differences? You got guitar picks made of celluloid, acetal, delrin, nylon, ultem, lexan, acrylic, delrex, and their are sharp tips, rounded tips, fast release, quick release, super quick release, contoured edge. Now if I want to play power chords and metal stuff and punk stuff and grunge stuff. Is their a guitar pick you would recommend besides dunlop tortex standard orange .60 mm, and their is bright tone guitar picks, warm tone guitar picks. Superior control. What does all this mean?
You gotta just try them out yourself.

They all feel and play different. Find the best one for you and the music you're playing.

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yep just gotta try them all until you find one you love
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Gator Grip 1.14.

Just stay away from all those dumb weird material stuff like bone or whatever. Just a bunch of people trying to get you to spend like $10 on a single pick by saying it affects your sound or some other bs.
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will someone carry me across ten thousand miles under the silence
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The different is you must use jazz iii's otherwise you arent cool. max gripzzz

I tried using jazz 3s years ago and omg they were they least grippy picks ever.
there's only two picks I like. The Dunlop 208 and the V-Pick Medium Pointed (I lost that one though so i'm devastated )
will someone carry me across ten thousand miles under the silence
It's like a lot of people here say, it's an individual thing. Try a few then buy a lot of what suits you best. I have used Fender 351 picks for the past 30 years easily. I just got use to that feel and stick with it. I buy by the gross so I don't have to buy often. I dump 10 or so in each guitar case just to always have some available. Amazon has the best price I think at $26.00 a gross (144 picks). I also buy them in bright colors or colored swirls so I can see them easily on the floor in a dark club.
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