Hey guys,

I am still in the learning stages with a guitar and have an important question that I cannot seem to come to a conclusion to.

So I am trying to practice as quietly as possible, so my plan is to use some sort of a headphone and guitar combination to keep the noise down.

With some research, I have found two directions I can take, and was wondering what is the better choice I guess.

Vox amplug seems to be an easy setup with plugging in the little device to a guitar, and then putting my headphones onto the amplug.

This makes the most sense to me, but I have also found what seems to be another (better?) option--multi effects pedals.

I have looked at the Line 6 PODs, KORG Pandora, and the likes, and those seem to hook up to the computer, and from the computer, I can hear the music I am playing.

Both options satisfy the ultimate goal of me hearing the notes that I am playing through my headphones.

Is the only difference that the latter provides me with effects that I can use later when I buy an actual amp?

What do you guys think is the better choice for a beginner?

Thank you in advance!
How much are you looking to spend? I paid $30 USD for my Amplug and it's cool for the price. The bad part is that the Amplug only does 1 sound. You have to buy another Amplug for a different sound.

If you're serious about sticking with it and have some money to spend the Line6 POD is a good option but there are a ton of options to get lost in.

The Amplug is great for what it is and doesn't have many knobs so you can actually play guitar! The Amplug does have a line in that is useful for playing along with things and a metronome.
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I guess I am really open on the amount of money to spend. So I guess I should get Line6 POD and the likes if I plan on playing for a long time?
A budget would really help. I would probably get a pod 500 or 500x if you are open to spending $500. Or if you want to be on a computer, there are things like guitar rig, etc.

Maybe you want something simple and the amplug would do you well. I honestly haven't tried one though.
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Apart from cost, another consideration is the relative simplicity of the Amplug compared with a digital mutliFX. I have used both, and gave up on the multiFX because all the choices were a distraction for actually learning to play ("it's all in the fingers" ). OTOH, having all those choices allows you to explore the kind of sounds that can be produced on an electric guitar and might encourage you to keep playing. You pay your money and take your choice.
For you, I'd suggest one of two things, maybe both

Joyo makes knockoffs of the Amplug, and they're around ten or fifteen dollars. Just get one of those, they're worth the price and if you really only use them for practice they're great.

I would also suggest a blackstar amp, one of their ten watt ones. A hundred dollars, but they plug into your computer with USB, you plug your headphones into the amp, you hear the stuff on your computer, and the amp, doesn't seem to be able to play stuff from web browsers, but works on applications fine, VLC, MPC, Foobar, Spotify. The software is also excellent, and it definitely blows Line 6's modeling features away, which makes sense considering the price (I got my 75 watt Spider 4 for 70 dollars, with the small footpedal).

The biggest issues with it are the lack of a footpedal on this model, and that the software has flat out stopped working on both my computers. I know people with it that don't use the software anyway, but it's still unacceptable. I'm into IT and I still haven't gotten a way around it, I've really tried everything.

A side note, a line 6 is great if you can find one at a pawn shop, you can use headphones with a 1/4 inch adapter and an aux cable from the amp to your PC or phone.
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Check out the Zoom G series mullti effects.

The G1on can be had for not much more than an Amplug, but will provide you with significantly more options, like in built looper & drum sequencer, more sounds than you will ever need, and even a USB interface should you ever want to hook up to your PC. It also has an aux input so you can plug in an MP3 player & jam along with your favourite tunes.
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Amplugs are toys.
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Amplugs are toys.

yeah. odds are you will tire of the sound quickly.

get one used, so when you decide to upgrade, you can get back what you paid for it.
Sweet stuff guys. Thanks for all the advice!

So I think I will stay away from the amplugs for now then and get myself a decent multi effects.