Poll: Which color of Schecter KM-6?
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See through white
9 64%
See through black
5 36%
Voters: 14.
Hello, new user here.

I am deciding between colors on a Schecter guitar, the Keith Merrow km-6

I have here, a poll. Which color should i get?
i had a huge jones for the trans white km-7...i feel like the black i just too generic
I seem to see a lot more trans black than trans white in guitar finishes, know what I mean?
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I went to buy a km-6 last year, had my heart set on the trans black, but as soon as I saw the white one in the shop I had to re-think, as it just looked so good up close.
I decided to go with the trans black since that was my initial preference and I haven't regretted it at all, every time I look at it I just have to play it.

In my opinion, the black one seems more metal, the white seems kind of flashy but each to their own and all that. Go see one up close if you can.