I recently got a Hot Rod Deluxe and I, like everyone else I'm coming to find, despise the drive on the amp. It's horrendous.. However I love the reverb and would love to have that on my footswitch. Is there any way of modding the reverb onto it, and if so could someone direct me on how to begin the process of doing that? Thank you

What do you mean? Like, you want to be able to turn the reverb on and off with a footswitch? If that's what you mean, just get the Fender 3 button footswitch that's made for the amp.

Or are you talking about somehow taking the reverb effect out of the amp, and putting it into a stompbox that you could use with other amps? Because that is impossible.
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Yeah I was talking about just being able to have the reverb on a footswitch! So there is one that works with the HRD? Thanks! I'll look into it