All I can say is that he's asking far too much money.
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^ yeah $600 is the max I'd pay for it
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Man, you guys are cheap... $800 for the Gibson isn't that bad. I'd probably offer $600 but settle at $700.

Yes, that epi is $500 brand new and the equipment he's trying bundle with it is fine if you're a beginner but if you already have a decent amp it's junk you'll never use.
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Those Epis go for $250-$300 around here, not to mention GC used. What is it with CL these days and people inflating the prices?
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Quote by bobafettacheese
What is it with CL these days and people inflating the prices?

I think the CL sellers are getting so used to the lowballers that they're just putting the price high to prepare for the "negotiations."
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Looking for overall opinions for the value of equipment listed here and the upgrades as well.

Generally speaking, ignore the "value of the upgrades" and never pay extra.

In fact, I'll usually pay more for a guitar that's entirely original than one that's been "upgraded."

I've seen too many guitars with pickup leads clipped off three inches from the pickups, with lousy solder jobs, shorted pickup wires, with pots that have been damaged by too much heat, with screws that live in stripped holes, with loose strap buttons, "tilted" pot shafts, cracked knobs ("these were really tight to get on for some reason"), lost pickup springs and more, to ever consider changes that have been made to most guitars "upgrades."

I have one guitar that was advertised as "all original" and by that the owner meant that he'd taken out all the "upgrades" and put the old pickups and pots back in. When I got the guitar, the middle pickup was shorted out completely and the wiring was a sad, sorry mess. I tossed everything and put in brand new to factory spec.

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Okay thanks. What can I find out about these model and serial numbers?

Model: ENS-HSCH1
Seriel: 0905121661
That Studio has been messed with and the gouge out of the fretboard is a turnoff. In the US that guitar was around $900 new (1200 or so in Canada).
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