I know short riffs, but I was wondering what riffs/songs sound good to show to somebody when played just on guitar? I know songs, which I can play well enough to somebody, but they don't sound good when played without the song or at least a backing track.

For example, one such song,m I guess, would be Metallica - Seek & Destroy.
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Most songs don't sound good with the guitar part only. If they did, why would the songs need other instruments? That's the way it is. You can't (most of the time) sound as good alone as when you are playing with a band. The band adds so much to the sound. (Of course there are songs for just one guitar that are meant to be that way, and in that case the band wouldn't add anything to the song.)

Just play whatever you want. It doesn't need to sound that great without the band. People will still be impressed (if that's your goal). If you want to perform more seriously, start playing in a band. But if you are just showing stuff to your friends, they don't really care if the song lacks the other instruments - they will be impressed if you just play a good riff.
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Jerry's Breakdown or any ragtime tune
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