Whats up guys? Ive always wanted to install a killswitch on a guitar, but i dont want to diy it...and i really dont want to pay someone else to do it. is there any product around thats like a temporary killswitch of some kind? maybe a cable even? ive done a little research on this and i havent really found any options in that direction

second question. im looking for a set of pickups for my ibanez 7. i want something that i can get a great metal tone from, but also a very smooth, jazzy clean tone, especially on the neck pup. is there anything like that on the market?
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Shadow Kill Pots work well. They aren't cheap but they're easy enough to fit. It just replaces a pot. Push button kill with a very nice throw. Alpha manufacture them.
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^ don't do that, it's hard as hell to press and simply doing that will result in a lot of noise whenever the button is pressed.

Either do as cath says or get a SPDT button and wire one end to ground, the rest following the signal path.
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