Hi all,

I have an Orange OR15 (single channel amp) and I want to be able to go from dirt (not overly saturated) to cleans without having to roll back my guitar volume knob (which ends up with slightly muddy cleans).

Paul Gilbert uses the HBE Detox EQ to do this, but because the company closed down and its rare/expensive online, I was wondering whether it was simply marketed in a way to make it look like a "specialist" pedal, and if perhaps another pedal such as the Earthquaker Devices Tone Job (same knobs as Detox EQ) or the RC Booster (separate gain and volume knobs) will be able to do the same thing for me?

Unfortunately importing, so don't have the luxury of trying them out first.

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Take this with a grain of salt, but could you not just use any other Tubescreamer/Blues Driver/Soul Food type pedal, and use that for your dirt, and just turn it off when you want your cleans?

Another possible option would be to, iirc, put a volume pedal in your effects loop, and control your volume to your preamp with that, while still having your guitar's signal at full.
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