Hello guys. This is my first post here and it is a good one... I have some exciting news to share with you.

Peavey has released the first bass amp for ReValver 4 and it is a killer! The Hangar18 LH1000 is a very versatile amp that can be used in any style of music, modeled after David Ellefson's own amp. Along with the bass amp, Peavey has also released some very cool bass stomps, cabs and some awesome presets dialed by Megadeth's bassist himself! The new contents can be purchased separetely or in the David Ellefson Bass Bundle.

Here's the official release text:
"The David Ellefson Artist Bundle for Peavey ReValver is now available! In addition to models of the bass gear Ellefson has played to sold-out audiences all over the world, the bundle features a bank of presets personally created by Ellefson that recreate the sought-after signature sounds from throughout his career. Visit http://revalver.peavey.com to learn more!"

Thank you for your attention!

People still use bass amps and not DI?
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If you want, I can mix/master your tracks for free just so I can practice and who knows, maybe you'll love what you hear! Hit me up.
Definitely an ad. But I must say, I quite enjoy peavey revalver 4. And I am not an adbot. Or am i
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