Haven't been posting in here for ages so thought it was time to give it a shot. The song itself lack bass and some drum parts are missing, but the guitar is as it will be recorded part from some lead guitar stuff and harmonies. Would like some opinions on how to make it better. And I will crit you back!
not sure why there are breaks in the sustained chords in the beginning, or maybe thats just a problem in tux. the intro was pretty cool. the riff on 50 is pretty good as well, but id recommend a root note change, like palm-muting on the 8th fret for some of it, like 54-57 and 62-64

im not a huge fan of metalcore so im a bit hard-to-please when it comes to breakdowns, but yours is pretty good. it seems to end too quickly though. you might want to transition out of it a little better. especially since the riff after is pretty cool

its hard to say much since this is tab form and it would sound much different recorded, but the distortion guitar in the background from 99-102 doesnt quite suit it. but then again, sustained arpeggiated chords sound like ass in GP's distortion/overdrive channels anyway

all in all, its a pretty solid metalcore piece, which is a lot for me to say because (again) im not a huge fan of the genre. nice work!
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Thanks for the comment! I agree about the breakdown, it should probably be like twice as long but i wanted to keep the breakdowns to a minimum in this song. And yeah that lead part in the chorus sounds like ass on guitar pro, but it sounds pretty cool on a real guitar with less distortion! I'll play with different root notes on the riff at 50 but i think it will sound less boring and monotone with some vocals over it.

ometh: The breakdowns take up like 10% of the song but ok!
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dont worry about ometh haha, hes just being...well, ometh. but i dont think the breakdown should necessarily be longer, just have a better transition out of it
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ometh: The breakdowns take up like 10% of the song but ok!

Wrong. Since your song lasts 216 bars and the brakedoons added up last 61 bars, in total the broakdoz take up around 28,24%, meaning almost a third of your sound is spent with the music equivalent of shitting yourself while drooling.
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I don't have any constructive criticism because this song has a lot of things I dont like that you didn't necessarily do wrong, but the 181-196 section sounds great.
i think this is a good melodic metalcore song in drop a#, i can tell because i can hate it
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I'll give my 2 cents. Keep in mind that your art is for you first. If you love it as is and you don't think it needs changes, so be it. You're welcome to disagree with anything I say here.

The beginning could be interpreted as kinda atmospheric, but it transitions into a sort of generic feeling riff. I think my main qualm lies in the chord progression in the riff, but it ends up sounding like every band I listened to from 7th to 10th grade did it. The 4/4 measures in this section were definitely nice sounding, though. I really dig the riff when you change up the notes from 29 -31. Maybe you could do something cooler with the guitar fill than what you ended up doing at 32.

I've still got a sizable helping of high school in my taste, so I still can dig a well done breakdown. 48-64 was a good breakdown that had me nodding and it's also probably the most compelling section of the song. Loved the way the little dyads sounded in between the chugs. I wish that breakdown was the only breakdown you did, though. The breakdown after that could have been replaced with something more interesting or just cut.

The riffs in 84 - 114 are passable but not noteworthy. Nothing's wrong with them, inherently. But when writing this style of metalcore, you HAVE to be doing some stuff that's innovative in some way or another to sound different. Riffs like that in your music are just treading a thoroughly beaten path. And yeah, the breakdown after that could have been cut, cause it's still not stacking up to the first one. The part after is alright. Maybe add some cooler chords instead of just bar chords for that part. Then you sort of just repeat things the rest of the song, so yeah. It's a solid melodic metalcore track following melodic metalcore formula. But a solid melodic metalcore track following melodic metalcore formula is kind of subpar.