Hey guys, I made a song. This is something I could muster in a little over four hours. Hope you can find something to constructively criticize or compliment. I'd be more than glad to C4C.

wasnt expecting dj0nts haha. the 1st bridge on 13 feels a bit unorganized, but thats probably because of the odd-times drums. not sure if you were purposely going off-kilter, but its hard to listen to/feel the rhythm. plus the acoustic guitar over it got a bit annoying after a while.

the verse certainly doesnt have that problem though. djenty groove goodness. not a fan of that other bridge though. it has potential, but it feels forced into the song; it just comes and goes, no transition into or out of it

the chorus also had potential, but i feel like you could do a lot more with it. also the rhythm is odd. im not trying to say that youre a noob or anything, but the rhythm feels like a try-hard djent groove

i like the part on 85. odd yet groovy. if you want to make it a bit more melodic, id recommend changing the bass note from measures 89-92 to a 1 instead of a 2. but if youd rather keep it weird and proggy sounding, keep it as-is

the interlude up to 132 has a lot of potential, but the odd rhythm again feels forced

all in all, i feel as if the song has a lot of potential, but isnt currently being utilized. sorry if im being harsh, i realized this is probably one of my most critical reviews. just trying to help
I'm a huge Deftones fan and generally just a fan of alt metal. This was good. As a lover of most things prog, I think the drums were slick. There are just times when it's cool to let the drums go to strange places instead of spoon feeding the listener the downbeat. The intro/first bit of verse got me pumped. I dug the rhythm 13-16 in the bridge, but not the actual notes themselves. That could very well just have to do with the fact that it's GP and not really guitars, but I feel like it should be a tad lower. I like 17-20 though.

The bridge with the steady eighths on the drums sounds EPIC. I think the chorus is good as is. I LOVE odd rhythms. I don't think of them as just a djent thing. It's a music thing. African village members hit their drums at odd, polyrhythmic intervals, but that does not make them djent. Also, I imagine a Maynardy/Chino-y voice soaring over this chorus and it's pretty awesome.

I view alt metal as something more feel based and rhythmic in terms of guitar work, typically with basic chords. You capture that style well, and get a lot of emotion out with those basic concepts.

77 was a neat ass part. I'd usually ask more of a bass line in that sort of situation, but that sort of droning bassline had a nice flavor. Also, I can't complain with the drums grooving that hard over it. I really liked your choice of intervals of 5 sixteenths for your melody in that section. I dig those sort of over the bar phrases. 101-124 just goes really hard. Measures like 128 & 132 actually ARE a bit too djent for my tastes. But the section containing those measures is really heavy and I enjoy it, overall. That last bridge and chorus kill me when I think of the vocals that could compliment them.

I thought this was a fun listen, overall.