Picked up a factory new godin redline 1 for $290 today. What a steal! So, what great guitar deals have you gotten in your lives??
got a US Hamer Diablo with a custom order only maple fretboard for $300. ended up trading it for an 89 Fender Stratocaster Plus deluxe. also back in teh 80s bought an original Supro Dual-Tone for $20. wish i still had that one as it's going for big bucks now.
My SG was only $700 as opposed to $1300 (I think) brand new (played once by the only other owner) so I'm proud of that.

I also managed to get my hands on a $900 ukulele for less than $200, sold it for more because I didn't like it. Got a new and better bass amp from it.
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I got a 76 les paul custom black beauty off an idiot in a pub for £250. With a case. lol. Sold it to a shop 2 years later, beat to sh!t for 750 quid. Bargain.
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JS1000 for a Fender HW1

Mesa Royal Atlantic
Emperor 4x12 Silver Bells
PRS Swamp Ash Limited Custom 24
EQD Acapulco Gold
MXR Carbon Copy
EHX Epitome
EHX Superego
Fuzz Hugger Algal Bloom
Way Huge Fat Sandwich
Learned on my dad's '96 American Strat Plus (my avatar actually) that he won in a drawing some years before, and he essentially gave it to me, so free
Actually basically all of my stuff has been gifts... My Ibanez acoustic was a bithday present that my dad and his mom gave to his dad, but he didn't like it so my dad kept it for himself then gave to me, and when I got my first job I was saving up to buy a P bass from the same grandpa, but he decided he wanted to keep it and instead gave me -again for free- a Morgan Monroe acoustic-electric bass which I love. My dad also had a Fender acoustic-electric guitar that he traded to a friend for a MIM strat that he again decided to just give to me.

I've been really blessed
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Got a Jackson RRMG and case (New value $899 + $159) for $350 used in pretty great condition. (Pretty normal wear and tear.)

Also traded a Schecter Damien Elite 6 and it's hardshell ($499 + $120 new) for a B.C. Rich NJ Deluxe JRV with limited edition Widow headstock (New value $750 or 800)
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Traynor cab loaded with Celestions 15$ at a thrift shop
Earth G2000 with new tubes - $150
$200 for an older Fernandes Vertigo Pro my friend had hanging on a wall
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Picked up a guitar I know goes for @$3500 new for under $500 used. It has a nick in the neck (which I don't really notice when playing it) and the knobs are wobbly. I may fix them with a little tear in my eye.
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Engl invader II 30th anniversary + Z16 mod + Z12 worth 2300+300+200=2800€. Bought it all new for 1950€

Washburn USA Custom shop Idol for 800€

Not really steals, but pretty good deals imo.
Washburn USA Custom Shop
Free 500 dollar Jay Turser Jazz box Colonel. Douglas Halo free also. Christmas present. But they got it for 100 dollars. 150 dollars on Rondo music site. Asked me if I wanted it when they found it. I said yes. 2 scores. Jouhnson Mirage JT-50. Free as a Christmas present. They paid 150 dollars for it. It used to be 800 dollars.
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$40 USA PEAVEY Horizon II (1982ish).

$30 Ampeg AX-70 hybrid 1x12" combo. the thing has amazing cleans.

i traded a MIM tele for a Gibson 11/400 White Jazz SG.

i traded a MIM strat for a 5 piece Tama StarClassic Maple Hyperdrive set with hardware.

i am a craigslist fiend, those are just a few of what i have gotten.
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£260 on a Jackson DK2M.

Not really a steal, but just a solid deal given the condition of the guitar.
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Only guitar I can truly say was free and no one bought it was the Jay Turser Colonel. I have never befor got a used epensive guitar. And most likely will never get a guitar free again. It has the best quality I have ever seen for a Jay Turser.
I bought my Ibanez RG570 for $150 on CL. My SG standard was $450 on GC used. I traded a $600 guitar for my Gibson LP Studio Deluxe. Nothing too spectacular but I think they were pretty decent deals.
Gibson LP traditional and DC standard, PRS S2 Custom 24, MIA Standard Strat, Charvel So Cal Pro Mod, Schecter Banshee 7
EVH 5153, Mesa DR Tremoverb combo 2-2x12's
Line 6 M13
Ibanez FR320 b stock for $225, sold it this past Saturday for $300
Gibson RD Silverburst w/ Lace Dissonant Aggressors (SOLD)
Electra Omega Prime Ceruse
Fender Franken-Jag Bass

Amps and the like:
Laney VH100R
Seismic Luke 2x12
Dunlop 105Q Wah
Gojira FX 808
Line 6 M9
I know it's not an electric guitar but still it was a real steal:
Cole Clark Fat Lady - orignal cost: €2500
I got it for €800. Not too shabby...
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I paid about 180 CAD (150 USD) for an Elitist SG.
Paid 800 CAD (USD 650) for an 81 Dean with ebony boards, binding, original pups and original blue burst.
Paid 2800 CAD (USD 2300) for an R8 with all the hang tags, COA, original case and all that fun stuff.

Those are probably my best steals.
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Jackson Kelly KE3 (see thru red) with OHSC for $150!! It's in good condition after a setup!

Also a ValveKing 112 for $130. Sold it for $260!
Jackson Kelly KE3 - MIJ (Distortion/Jazz)
Jackson DKMGT Dinky (EMG 81/85)
ESP E-II Eclipse Custom (JB/'59)
ESP LTD EC-1001FR (EMG 81/60)
Fender MIM Strat

Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier Roadster 212
Laney IronHeart IRT-Studio
Peavey Vypyr 30
Peavey ReValver Amp Sims
TOOOO many T.C. Electronic Pedals. . .
My brand new PRS SE Allender, retail price was something like 899 USD? I won an auction that had very little action going on and I was able to take it home for 140.
About five years ago I saw an Epiphone Les Paul Standard with a hardshell case and free shipping on EBay that was just about to go off (maybe 20 minutes left). It only had one bid and it was for about $160.00 the listing was from an online pawn shop. The description said it was in "fair" condition with a new case. I ended up bidding $180.51 bid (I always use those odd numbers). I won it. When the guitar arrived it was happy to see the case was very nice and brand new with tags still on it (asking $130.00).
The guitar was another story. It was filthy dirty and I mean real dirt like someone left it out in a dust storm. I cleaned it, took out the pickups and removed all of the hardware (I actually used a small vacuum to remove dirt in the pick up cavities). I polished it, put it back together, put strings on and found the guitar didn't have a scratch on it under all that dirt. No dings, no scratches and it played beautifully with just a minor truss rod adjustment. I don't know the story behind it but the guitar still looks and plays great.
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fender silverface vibrochamp early 70s for 60$ CAD. The guy didn't know what it was and he didn't realize that tubes could be changed
Another steal i made was an epiphone 1997 les paul made in korea with a bigsby and gibson hardshell case for $300. Got the frets crowned, new pickups, and a setup and that is now my main axe!
I’ll relate an old story that I personally was witness to. I know this tale is a little hard to believe but it happened. Back in the late 70’s early 80’s my fellow band mate and keyboardist worked at a good sized music store in northern New Jersey (it’s long gone). My friend specialized in repairing organs and organ Leslie’s especially Hammond organs. His workshop was in the basement of the music store and I often visited him there. One day as I made my way downstairs I noticed that the area where they normally stored the stock (guitars, amps, pianos etc.) was filled to overflow. Stuff was literally stacked to the ceiling and this was quite a big area. When I asked my friend what was going on, he said the owner had made a deal to buy out another music store and this was the contents. There had to be 100 guitars in boxes from Fender, Gibson, Gretsch, Hagstrom and others. There were amps in boxes from Fender, VOX, Ampeg etc. It was quite a lot of gear.
I knew the owner fairly well so the next time I saw him I asked about the stuff downstairs. He told me that about a year earlier he was paid to inventory and value the contents of a music store in northern New Jersey that had gone bankrupt and was seized by a bank to whom they owed lots of money. The bank was paying him to give them a value of the stores contents. He spent a few days doing that and gave his information to the bank and the court appointed people who were responsible for overseeing the ultimate sale of the contents of the building. Along with his valuation he mentioned that he would be interested in buying the entire inventory when the legal dust settled on the case. A year goes by and the bank contacts him to negotiate selling him the contents. He agreed to pay exactly the sum of his evaluation. The bank agreed to the sale.
So what’s so unusual about this story? That music store had gone out of business in 1964. It was closed and locked with all that brand new gear inside still in their original boxes. The amount of the valuation was made using 1964 wholesale prices as the court or bank was not interested in any additional value that might or might not have happened since 1964. I can’t imagine how much that stuff was worth but I know the owner closed his two music stores and retired out of state.
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I got an Ibanez RG350EX (or something like that) for 100 euros, set it up, played it for half a year and sold it for twice that (and that was because I could use the money for other gear).

Bought my Gibson SG Standard new for about 800 euros, at least 300 under the listed price at the time. It was a local store that I had been going to for a while and they got me a really nice deal because it was a model from the year before. Still the best guitar overall I've ever played.

And then I got my Ibanez RG7321 for 120 euros and although it's modded in the most crap way, it plays great, it sounds great and it's a stable workhorse guitar.

The '89 Squier Strat I got for 70 or 80 euros is pretty nice as well, but not that much of a steal. It does sound good and plays good enough for me, because I only play it maybe once each 3 months.
USA ash tele and Fender Supersonic combo, 3 pedals.....$650

Sold it all for a steal too, $1200...kept the pedals
1981 Peavey T-60 in excellent condition for $175 delivered.

PRS SE Custom 24 from Sweetwater for $398 shipped on Black Friday.

I won a $1700 microphone from Sweetwater over the Holidays and sold it on eBay to buy a Schecter KM-7, so essentially it was FREE.
Picked up a Schecter Blackjack V-1 at £399 last year as they were discontinued. Due to the ever fluctuating exchange course and a price increase, a Schecter Blackjack C-1 with similar specs costs well over the double of that today (in SEK, that is).

And the guitar itself? Absolutely great.
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Back in 87 I bought a 72 Les Paul Deluxe with case in excellent condition for 199. (the Deluxe is similar to a standard with mini humbuckers. ) Sold it to a friend for about 400 in 89. Got my Ibanez Artist for 300 used but in pretty much pristine unused condition.
A couple around the corner from me was moving last weekend. A roomate had left a week before. They were having a yard sale, I come by a 3PM and there's all this crap on the lawn with a FREE sign. I talk to them and see a picture I like and...an electric guitar! No strings, looked like it had been in a closet for a while. How much? FREE she said, pointing at the sign. They said they only made $20 all day. I gave them $10 for the picture and guitar.

Its a black Jay Turser JT-50 nearest I can tell. Missing strings, bridge and pickup selector switch is broken. Its for my daughter who's been playing about 8 months. We took it to a shop to price parts.

Set of nanoweb strings, $12

Replace broken pickup switch, $16.

Bridge: Free

Polished it up, cleaned fret board, soldered in switch, threw on the strings. Dang...pretty nice sound!

Daughters smile when she lays down a few cords? Priceless!

My wife entered a bid in a charity silent auction at her work for an Epiphone Doubleneck guitar and hardshell case. It had been modified at the headstock with paint to advertise one of the company's products, but was otherwise in perfect condition, less than a year old and hardly ever used.

She won it for $450 CDN, but then we received a tax receipt for this 'charitable donation' so that the true cost to us was about $225. Online pricing for these makes it typically worth around $1100 CDN (MSRP is more than $2000 CDN), and despite the 'damage' from the painting - that to me makes it unique and with its own story - it is like a brand new instrument and I play it frequently.

When I worked at a local music store during university I used to snap up the guitar trade-ins: Hagstrom 1965 12-string electric ($225), Ovation 'Eclipse' model in mint condition ($185), plus other new guitars at dealer cost. That was the best part time job I could have had!
Got a Vigier excalibur 7 string used for $1000 even. One of, if not the, best guitar I've ever played.
Vietnamese-made (not the Chinese version!!) Peavey Raptor Plus Exp, Oz$65 from the hock shop. It weighs less than 5 1/4lb, in excellent condition, good frets and neck profile, and nothing wrong except it needed a set up. Even the pickups are good, and I'm not that easy to please on that count. I'm not wild about Fiesta Red, but I can live with it.

Even better, my daughter paid for it as a birthday pressie.
£15 plus about £50 setup for a 1965 Guild M-20... Guy didn't know what it was but wouldn't take any serious money once I started to get some idea myself, bless him.

Only ended up getting £550 when I sold it a couple months back; still kinda sad about it but I didn't have any serious use for it and I didn't trust it to hold up against the inconsistent climate in my house. Kinda gratifying to see it already sold when I checked back on the store's website a week or two after, but I guess it can't have sold for a huge amount.
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I once got a "mint" condition Westone Concord SX (trans red) for 80$ in a pawn shop.....the owner said it was a cheap Japanese guitar.....he didnt know what he had. Those things were only available in 1984 from Matsumoku and only offered in "all blue" or "all red"....great guitar.

Best deal i ever got was a James Trussart "Steelcaster" at a yard sale for 50 bucks.....it had a broke headstock. I later sold it to a guy for 200 bucks...i made alot of profit but this was a situation where i was still a beginner and didnt know what i had nor did the seller.the guy i somd it to though? He knew im sure.

Thats a steel hollowbody tele for those who dont know...worth many thousands.
Best deal on a guitar I got was my Jackson RR. It was used, had a few cosmetic issues and the previous owner replaced the stock bridge with a real POS, so I bought it for $400, with case. The guitar is a 85 or 86, USA made RR. I took it to a Jackson dealer, got the replacement part for the original bridge and it plays and sounds fantastic. One of the best guitars I've got.
Oh man, this could be a LONG post for me, so I'm just going to stick to the ones that easily come to mind.

Suhr Modern - $1399 ($2800 new)

EBMM John Petrucci BFR Koa - $1300 ($3500 new)

Multiple mint loaded Carvin guitars with retail prices ranging from $1400 to $2600, all purchased for $350-499

And the less fancy ones:

Hamer Diablo (Korean) - $50

Schecter C1 Elite - $75

Agile AL3100 - $100
Custom guitars, vintage amps, boutique pedals. Blah, blah, blah.
Ibby RG570- $150
Gibson LP Double Cut- $800, amazing guitar, they are going used for $1500
PRS S2- $550

Those are just a couple, but I have made a lot of my great deals on trading instruments. Several I have trade for something only to upgrade on the next trade. Generally I prefer trading and might add or receive cash depending on the deal
Gibson LP traditional and DC standard, PRS S2 Custom 24, MIA Standard Strat, Charvel So Cal Pro Mod, Schecter Banshee 7
EVH 5153, Mesa DR Tremoverb combo 2-2x12's
Line 6 M13
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