I know I've heard of them, they got a bit of press a few years back that seemed to be generally positive. Website here: http://www.spearguitar.de/ Given the price range I wouldn't be expecting very much though, all prices in Euros since it's a German company.

Seems there's also a US site but I'm pretty sure the company itself is German and the US site isn't the actual company site since it says this: "We first met the Spear Folks and tired out their guitars at the NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants show in 2010. We were impressed to say the least.", implying it's not run by the actual Spear company.

Apparently Korean made guitars, so they're likely to be decent value, but nothing special given the price point. Not seen one in person though so this is all supposition.
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Ever heard of them? Any info?

RandellScott, there are at least 100 companies out there that are importing random guitars from Asian sources. You can start the RandellScott Guitar Company tomorrow, toss a significant amount of cash at one of the manufacturers and get a shipment of guitars to photograph. Put up a website and there you go.

In a lot of cases, these companies are here one year and gone the next. If you were able to visit the Winter NAMM show in Anaheim, you'd notice that the better-funded ones have booths there, but you'll often notice that a third of those who appeared last year aren't there this year.

You're starting multiple threads about random companies like this...
I like this company guitars and wanted some info. And besides this one post and the other post. I have not talked about any other guitar companys right? If I did I never knew it?
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Good guitars, played a fair few couple years ago and would of bought one if i had the money there and then.
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Quote by RandellScott
I have not talked about any other guitar companys right? If I did I never knew it?


Most of your threads are just stock photos of cheap guitars and vague (if any) questions about the brands. Not a lot of discussion value for most of them.
I get right to the point. And do not beat around the bush. And Spear guitars are not cheap guitars.
They are 400 bucks new. They are cheap imported guitars.
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My favorite local store carries them. There not bad for whw they are. They seem solidly built and feel alright in the hands.

But they're pretty much inexpensive (if OK) guitars with flashy finishes.
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I did not know that. That is why I asked about them. I thought some may have heard of that brand and had some experience with that brand of guitars. I think I read on a web site that thaey cost more than that? I may have been mistaken. Sorry for my mistake.