"If You Meet The Buddha, Kill Him"


If you meet the Buddha, kill him
If I was one, I'd be with
If you have a cone, I'll give you one
If you don't, I'll take it


I picture you fully-clothed, and smiling
I don't feel good about myself
As life goes on, I feel I'm tiring
I can't be an *ssh*l* as well

You see I'm done with me

(End Chorus)

I see your picture judges me
When I look on the Internet
Your an watcher of perfection
Angel, don't make me wet

(Chorus 2x)


The verses of the song has a funk/metal sound. The first verse consists entirely of kōans, a type of ancient contradictions. The second verse is me addressing a particular lady. The chorus has an experimental/acoustic sound, and also concerns the lady. Thank you for criticism and thoughts.