I'm not sure if there is something wrong with my guitar or with the strings I've been using. So I changed strings about a week ago and this weird thing keeps happening to my high e string. As I keep tuning it higher it will eventually go back to a lower note even if I keep trying to raise it. I keep trying to tune it but then it just kinda stops going higher even if I'm manually turning the peg. This happens until my string breaks (happened 3 times). At first I thought that it might have been because I cut the tip of the string too short. Then I used an older e string I had lying around. And then I used an old B string lying around, and they all snapped before getting high enough. I've also notices that the part of the tuner that the string goes through os kind of wobbly. Is that the problem? If so, how can I fix it? It's a fixed bridge for reference.
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are there any sharp spots or burrs on the tuner?

where exactly is the string breaking?
If the string peg is wobbly that should not be happening. Something seems to be wrong with the tuner itself if that is happening. If it's wobbling enough it could be that the gears are slipping and letting it drop back.

If this is an open back tuner, it should have a screw in the round gear that is attached to the string peg. (Not sure if that's the proper term) Tighten that screw some.

I doubt if it's an open back, those are pretty uncommon these days, most are closed back. I've never tried to open one so I'm not sure if it can be done.

Take it to a good guitar tech and have him check the tuner and replace if necessary. The tuner should not wobble around.
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It will probably cost you just as much to buy a new set of tuners as it would to have someone work on. If you have eliminated any burs or sharp ridges where the string is breaking like mentioned above, I suggest buying a new set of tuners and just putting them on. It's an easy thing to do as long as you get a replacement set that matches whatever brand you already have on it.
You didn't mention what kind of guitar it is and where the string is breaking so it's hard to suggest much else.
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As the string goes around the post it may be giving slack every turn at the same spot if it is wobbly.
Have you tried a second electronic tuner just to make sure that's not the problem? Free app online or on your phone, etc?

I find that switching to the neck pickup and putting the tone knob on 0 will help some electronic tuners and programs.

Can you actually hear the pitch changing when you wind the string?

Since the string is breaking I'm guessing the tuner on the guitar is indeed increasing the tension, I mean something has to be adding tension for the string to break during the initial stringing process.
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