Hey, so I was gonna buy a Digitech Whammy 4 pedal for both two things (Which is what I need help answering.)

Quality-wise, could I use the Digitech to get atleast a nice tone dropping it down an octave to emulate bass? (Also it would be running through a BOSS Fuzz pedal/Danelectro Daddyo).

Secondly, for vocals, I believe Tyondai Braxton (formally from Battles) would pitch shift up a 5th with an expression pedal. Would shifting, on vocals, a 5th degrade my vocal quality much?

Any answers MUCH appreciated! Thanks!

Ice On The Dune, everyone.
I've never tried and I only own an mfx Whammy but I would guess even if it did "work" you'd be disappointed with the results. I've never been a fan of fx on my vocals so maybe I haven't tried hard enough but I've never seen, come across or heard of something engineered for guitar specifically that works well for vocals. I've screwed around trying to get my guitar to emulate a bass, and an octave pedal works ok for screwing around but imo you're better off spending your octave pedal money on a cheap bass.

It's one thing to do what you can with what you have. But actually buying the wrong tool for the job to try to take a short cut rarely, if ever, works out well.
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Ah. I mean, I got access to a few bass's, but for like live performance. I just ordered a Behringer Ultra Octaver.. Would that be able to drop in an octave without harmony? Like only an effect signal?

Like.. For recording, I use a bass, but for live stuff (running through either BOSS Fuzz or Big Muff) I plan on just running the guitar through the pedal if that could give it a "close enough" bass emulation, especially if it is fuzzed.
Ice On The Dune, everyone.