Hey my name is Matt, and I am interested in starting an online band. I play guitar and write riffs that are influenced by: Town Portal, Thundercat, Fallujah, Tesseract, Monuments, Virus, Black Crown Initiate, Yob, The Faceless, Opeth, Artifical Brain, Daylight Dies, etc. I am interested in mixing math rock and death/black metal, with clean vocals and screams.

For the writing process I use sibelius and google drive, although I am willing to use guitar pro, it makes everything very easy.

I am looking for a bassist (not just to bury in the mix!), drummer/programmer , TWO vocalists, and a mixer who is also interested in adding ambiance and electric parts.

If you are interested please email me an example of your stuff and a small bio (that way our ideals don't clash during the lyrical process) here: jahkadimension@gmail.com

Look up Jahka on soundcloud (sail logo) and check out Flight, and Out there to hear what I write like.