I have an LTD MH100, and the nut is behind the fretboard, like a gibson nut, not like the fender style nuts. Does that mean that when I buy a nut, it should be labled as a gibson style nut, or will it not fit? (this will be the first nut I'm changing, besides locking nuts
So long as its Gibson-style and 42mm wide, it'll be fine.
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Keep in mind that you can't just buy a nut, glue it in and be done. You'll need to do at least some shaping to get the nut fitted properly to your specific guitar. In most cases you'll need to do some filing of the slots as well. There are plenty of tutorials available with a bit of searching.
Yep. It's not just a drop in replacement, it takes some sanding and filing and nut slot cutting. Many come as plain blanks, rectangular, not even cut to length. You shape the whole thing to make it fit, basically sanding and filing away everything that doesn't look like your old nut. That's the type I got for my Takamine, plain rectangular bone blank. I sanded and filed everything to slightly oversize then started with lighter grit sandpapers for finish until it was a match. Probably test fit it at least 20 times... Then transferred nut slots from the old one, to get the correct placement, and cut the slots after it was glued in with a small dab of white elmer's glue.

Tedious, but an interesting project, and it looks great if it's done right. I spent maybe a half hour roughing it out and an hour or more finishing it, plus cutting nut slots, that took about a half hour, it was my first attempt and I took my time.

Trace the old nut onto the new blank and sand away everything until just the lines show, you'll sand the rest finishing it. I started with 80 grit and went to 600 grit in steps. Then I used 1200 to polish it.

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Replacing the nut on an LTD guitar

We keep telling the bass player that we're going to replace the nut on the bass guitar.