Anyone actually have any luck selling items on craigslist or other sites? Have a guitar I bought about 6 months that I want to sell. Bought it for 900 and am curious if I'll get any offers close. So I'm looking for success stories to make me feel better.
I've sold some gear through UG and eBay but not through Craigslist before, really the price depends on how much the guitar cost new more than anything else, as long as it's in good condition you can probably expect about a 50% depreciation on the price from new. So really it depends, did you buy it for 900 used or 900 new?
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ive sold a ton of items through craigslist, eBay (feebay), reverb.com, thegearpage.net, and a lot more.

For bigger items like guitars/amps I try to sell locally first
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What I find about selling on craigslist is that you can either sell fast or get the price you want. Seldom both.

But I've sold a ton of stuff on craigslist over the years.
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So really it depends, did you buy it for 900 used or 900 new?

^^^^ This above all else. If you paid $900 new, you're going to take a serious hit, and that could be UP to 50%, depending on the guitar and whether it's been modified or dinged, etc.

If you bought the guitar used, then there's every chance that the "air" has already been taken out of it, and you might sell it for very close to what you paid for it.
I've used Craiglist many times for guitars.

A good rule of thumb is 2/3rds of what the cost is new if it's in mint condition. Yeah, that's a big hit but if you wanna sell it fairly quick that's the price.

If I'm on craigs looking to buy a guitar, I am looking for killer deals...not a measly 20-30% discount.

Unless yours is a fairly hard to find guitar like a mint early RG550 or something, 50-60% is what you're going to get.
Lol 700 dollars for a used guitar that's 900 new. Most people are going to research the price and all that, you're crazy. No one is going to touch it. You'd be better off around 400-500
i have probably bough/sold a combination of 50+ times on CL. if it was $900 new, i wouldn't pay more than $500 unless i NEEDED (not wanted, need) it for some reason, or it was just what i was looking for. there is a fine line from too much and ridiculous price that people won't bother with.
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$700 is pretty steep for a used $900 guitar. I agree with these guys on that. $500-550 is much more reasonable. Does it come with a hardshell or not? Also...What kind of guitar is this?
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Bought it new, has no flaws on it. So I was going not to take more then a 200$hit.

craigslist is full of guys with your attitude. you see the same guitars every week and they don't sell. IF the guitar is mint and IF it is a desirable model then maybe $600 can be had. check with Guitar Center to see what they charge for the same model used. i assure you that no one wil go above that and most likely will want a better deal. GC has a return policy and a 30 day warrenty you don't.

it's still a buyers market these days so expect to take hits on items you bought new.