I just want to say something first before I start. So a few weeks ago this guy died. I didn't know who he was I had never spoken to him. He overdosed on bars and his "friends" took pictures of him while he was passed out, but he was really dead. I swear he was discussed for about 2 minutes and was not mentioned again. I find it shocking how quickly he was forgotten. So even though I didn't Know him I want to remember him.

snare another pill
in the pocket of jeans
no longer need water to
coax the murderer down my esophagus

Ill never die a legend,
but an ignorant boy.
they say some mistakes are small.

grounded, snorted
whole injected. then I'm dead.
Swallowed the unknown
in a uniform process I have repeated
countless times.
I step onto the grass
or just an illusion of green blades
to hide my toes from my abuse.

Enemies posed as friends forget
the simplicity of something i never stood for
never cherished.

I never asked to be brought into this world
But i would like to think i was glad when it happened

And felt cheated when I was removed.