Hey, I'm looking for all solid body construction acoustics with these specifications:

- Cutaway
- Satin / natural finish on top, back and sides or a "hand varnish" - just not gloss
- Top: Spruce
- Back and sides: Indian rosewood
- Electronics
- No Richlite
- No abalone, crazy bindings/markers
- Dreadnaught shaped

Just a simple working man's guitar really without all the bells and whistles

I've currently got a Larrivee D-03R which is amazing, but no electronics and no cutaway. Larrivee doesn't make this version with a cutaway.

Can anyone recommend any acoustics with these specs?

Thanks in advance!
Sorry if this isn't a "proper" thread - I'm looking to buy a guitar with these specs as over the years of playing acoustics, these specs are what I prefer.
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There would be plenty of choice (Martin, Taylor, Larrivee, Collings, SCGC, Huss and Dalton, Bourgeois immediately come to mind at the upper end) if you forgot the "satin" bit. - It is usually used on less expensive guitars to make finishing easier and that doesn't really go with "all-solid" and "rosewood" It will be interesting to see if there are suggestions that meet all your specs.
Yeah, it is going to be hard to find something with solid rosewood that's not gloss finished. One of Taylor's current running Limited Edition models is a 400 series with rosewood back and sides, satin finished. But those have cedar tops, and aren't available in the dread shape. If by "no budget" you seriously mean you'd be willing to go like $3000+, you could easily put together whatever you want through the Taylor custom shop. They've got a pretty quick turnaround time on custom orders, and since you aren't looking for any fancy inlays or other over-the-top cosmetic stuff, custom ordering what you want probably won't be much more expensive than their production rosewood models. Maybe even cheaper.
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it's also going to be hard to find a guitar with a cutaway but no electronics. the only brands i've seen do this are larrivee and recording king, and only with their smaller guitars.

have you considered ordering a custom?
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Edit: My bad, I removed the "no budget".
max budget is 2.5k

You guys see, it is hard to find with these woods and spec.
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Why do you want satin? it'll go shiny with use anyway. Owners of satins sometimes end up glossing them because of the mixed gloss/satin look caused by wear.

Satin finish or no gloss just appeals more to me. I thought this preference was more common but I guess not.
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Satin finish or no gloss just appeals more to me. I thought this preference was more common but I guess not.
Satin is sometimes used solely on the neck, with the provisional sales pitch it improves grip. But, play the guitar for a while, and you get a shiny neck.

For me dull patches are expected on glossy thing, but shiny patches on dull things, sort of gravitate to the weird.

I've seen semi gloss guitars, (Taylor / Martin (?)), they're simply unappealing. Add some black body binding and, (IMHO, of course), you've got a train wreck.
Update: I actually found the guitar that meets those specs.

Larrivee LV-03RE

Just got it recently. Just a beauty.
Larrivée D-03R
US Fender Telecaster, Vox AC15