Ran into a problem installing a mini humbucker into a Tele.
I'm not sure what wire to solder where.

So far I know I have to solder the red and white Seymour Duncan wires together and tape them off, then I'm left with Green, Black and Bare.

It's a Seymour Duncan Little 59 pickup.

Here's the original pickup wiring (pictures should zoom when clicked):

The Original pickup wires are both soldered at the switch.

Here's the Seymour Duncan wires:

Which wires would I solder where?

Many Thanks
with seymour duncan pickups it's color code is below, if the other pickup you have isn't two wire in the neck it doesn't matter to be honest as phase reversal (out of phase mod) only effects a guitar with two 4 wire pickups.

black - hot lead (to the selector)
red / white - solder together unless you want to coiltap/coilsplit
green / bare - ground
the black and green wire going to the opposite places is out of phase. just make sure the bare wire goes to ground still. Again both pickups selected must be 4 wire and it affects a middle position only.

when in doubt of a pickups color code and you don't have a multimeter here's what i use

two tips
twist the wires together and use heat shrink tubing on the ends of the wire to prevent any shorting

the other tip is simple - you can solder the ground wires of your pickup to the base of the selector and just run any wire from the plate of the selector switch to any other ground of your choice. I had this 27 fret hamer and it was either I strip a good 4 or so inches of wire , use heat shrink tubing which I didn't have at the time and needed to sell the guitar asap at the time , or use that tip. It worked out great.

this is what i mean by twisting the wires and using heat shrink, the heat shrink tubing was like 1$ american on ebay from china . I picked this up from some supplier I imported pickups from. It makes our wirings look neat I find too as we can twist other wires.

Wasn't expecting such a detailed response.
Awesome I shall solder this now

Once again Thank You!