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I've been playing three years, and I'm in a band that's starting to gig. We play fairly generic modern rock, and I personally like to stray into a metal tone. I've had an old peavey vypyr 75 (digital modelling amp - circa $300 new) for two years, which served me well while I was learning, but doesn't really have the tonal aptitude to keep up in a band setting, particularly as the other guitarist in the band has a massive, 120-watt tube amp.

I don't really want a massive, 120-watt amp, but I would like something closer to a 20-watt solution, with tubes, that I can get for about $300-500 used. Suggestions including a primarily clean amp coupled with an appropriate distortion pedal are also welcome.

I've been considering:

Blackstar HT-20 studio
Bugera V22 (with a dist pedal)
Laney VC30-112

Thank you very much in advance
I would take an Egnater Rebel or one of the newer Peavey Valvekings over any of those. I saw a Marshall DSL401 combo for $350 the other day, one of those would probably work great for you but they typically sell for a lil more. If you need clean headroom, you might wanna get something bigger (though the DSL401 would be fine).
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Peavey 6505+ combo and replace the speaker with an Eminence Governor or Vintage 30.

I'm replacing mine because its kind of a one trick pony I've found, but when it comes to metal it really can do any style justice.
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If you want, I can mix/master your tracks for free just so I can practice and who knows, maybe you'll love what you hear! Hit me up.
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What amp models on the Vypyr did you enjoy the most?

Are you after a combo strictly or a head and cab?

Without knowing anything else and for your budget I'd suggest a Peavey JSX 212 Combo. You can get them on Guitar Center's Used site for $500-$600. It's 120W but has a volume knob. I'd guess you'd spend most of the time on Channels 1 and 2 but 3 is there for "metal" time.
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Lots of choices. Name your three favorite guitarists that you would like to explore their guitar tones, and where you live always matters in terms of price, availability, and line voltage.
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What that ^ guy said

I'd never say a Valveking or a Rebel would beat a Laney VC30, those Laneys sound REALLY great, and I liked the Valveking I had. I think that would be a really nice choice. Good cleans, takes pedals well, it is loud and has enough headroom for big venues, it's overdrive is phenomenal in that league...

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may be a little bit out there, but JSX combo?

or you could look into jet city.

i wouldn't bother with a blackstar, and the bugera doesn't seem to have the tone that you are describing (i could be wrong i haven't played one for a very long time), haven't played the laney, so i can't say.

as it has also been said, you won't be heard well and the sound won't disperse as well as the other guitarist if you are just using a 1x12"
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