hi guys, does anyone know what's that little black box for? some people say it's for pitch correction but if they're right then where can i buy it?
my best advice is to google the players gear and it'll tell you if he's famous enough. I'm a big fan of Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath and it's easily found what he uses down to picks , strings and all he uses.

totally off topic this was the latest piece of gear I found. I'm kind of under a rock but It's a really weird voice synth I found on youtube this guy has a lot of interesting guitar wiring mods and all too.
A little looking around and I can't find a pitch correction that uses anything like that, it's usually a lot bigger or software. I'm just guessing, but could be some sort of direct box, to transform the mic to a certain voltage for the PA. I'm not familiar with any type of effects for a mic that plug in like that, things like harmonizers are usually a lot bigger and work more like an effects pedal for guitar. Anything from the size of a stomp box to rack mount stuff.

Could also be an impedance transformer. The ones I have a re round and you'd never notice unlesses you look close. It's to transform a high impedance mic to low impedance. High impedance is usually a two conductor cable like a guitar, while low is the 3 conductor with XLR jack. I have transformers for that. coud be something similar but this one is not round...

Here's one


I did a google and found some are rectangular too, I didn't know that...
Hmmm...I wonder what this button does...
Thanks for your input! I can't find his current gear, he's been using this little box for one moth or something. I hope I find out what that actually is.
If you're looking for pitch correction, check some of the VoiceLive products from TC-Helicon. You can get a full-on autotune or any variation of it.