Hello . I have completed stage 1 of justin beginner course in about 3 weeks . I started learning my first song which is Three little birds . But the thing is i practice on my electric guitar without an amp . I can hear the pick sound more then the guitar strings . Also the two thickest string E and D doesn't make any audible noise and if i pluck it hard , it vibrates . Is it normal or something is wrong with my guitar ? Also i cant seems to differentiate between E and A chord , they both almost sounds same . So will buying amp solve this issue ?
Yes, it will help. Even a small practice amp will allow you to better hear what you're doing.
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Definitely. Anything that amplifies the signal will suffice but if I were you I'd check the local used market for a lil name brand modeling amp. They're pretty easy to find for less than $100. Vox Valvetronix, Peavey Vyper, Roland Cube, Fender Mustang, etc.
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you need an amp.

when you say that the two thickest strings don't make a noise are they fretting out?

it may be worth it to get your guitar set up if it is not playing well. if you are new and not comfortable doing it yourself, it would be a very nice improvement. shouldn't be more than $25.
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you need an amp.

when you say that the two thickest strings don't make a noise are they fretting out?

Dont quite get get what you said so here i uploaded the audio strumming every chord .