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bump, anybody c4c?

Why the hell not!

I like the idea behind this track. The intro is very cool - loved the harmonica over the top. The little bass line runs added a cool feel below the main guitar riffs. Im normally into more metal stuff but I have to say I liked your guitar tone - mellow but with just enough bite.

As for crit - the drumming sounded a little hesitant near the start. A few hits were coming in fractionally late. Maybe its a confidence thing because it got a lot better towards the end, like the drummer had got into the groove and was feeling it a lot more. Having previously done a bad impression of a drummer in a couple of bands I know how it can be - I used to be very hesitant until I got into it and started giving the skins some abuse!

Anyway, cool track.

Heres my stuff if you fancy a listen: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1676176