I got a new prs se 245 and I haven't had a tech set it up yet or had any setup work done on it yet such as a new nut , bridge adjustments etc. I also haven't put on any new strings so it still has wet noodles on it 9-46 i think.I tuned it to drop C# for stone by alice in chains and it played really well. Just a little to bendy for me since my main guitar has 10-60s on it. Now my question is will the guitar be able to handle drop c and d standard fairly well also? Keep in mind no setup has been done and thicker strings will be slapped on. Saw lots of people having trouble intonating a prs se 245 with lower tunings I guess cause of the non-intonatable bridge but after tuning to drop C# fairly easy with thin strings i wonder if these people did not have a tech set it up or they are tuning srsly low or they are perfectionists.Any thoughts are appreciated.