Hey all,

I have a vintage crate closed back speaker cab (12x2) with stock speakers, I brought it used 2nd hand last year. I believe the speakers are celestions rated @ 30W each, connected to a vox night train (50W) head. And I think the speakers are on their last legs, but it could also be the tubes.

Basically, when I turn the master volume around 12 o'clock, the distortion/fuzz still sounds smooth and not crackly etc, but at times it feels like someone is fiddling with the eq, with the bass sometimes dropping off or coming in hard. Kind of like, pulsating? If that makes any sense. Time for new speakers?

sounds like it could be poweramp tubes. i haven't ever had a speaker die on me though, so i have no idea, all i know is that its hard to kill a speaker if you are using it under the wattage max and with the right impedence.
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Way, way more likely to be dying tubes than speakers. Like Trashed said, sounds like a power tube is going.
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when was the last time you changed your power tubes? start there.

average power tubes, 2x el-34s will probably be 20-30 a tube for solid ones like JJs. so 40-60 bucks. speakers are going to be about 70+ a peice for respectable ones.

and yeah, 60 watts of speakers with a 50 watt amp, not very old, i doubt they are messed up. as stated its really hard to blow speakers.

power tubes on the other hand...blow regularly with regular use. like every 1-2 years depending on the level of play. sometimes many many years. its a darn light bulb dude...does anybody know when its going to go out?
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