Want to replace the wrap around non inotnatable prs se bridge i got with a new one. Dont rlly wanna spend 100+ on one people recommend , schroeder thats like 180 for one so not gonna happen and a pigtail music one is 130. Now im a little confused about which bridge would fit my guitar. Im not good with technical terms but I dd see that the saddle radius has to match the fretboard radius of my guitar or am I wrong. The se radius is 10 inches and I was looking at the hipshot baby grande bridge which has a saddle radius of 11 1/2''. Theres got to be sub 100 options for my problem. Im gonna have a tech install it but I dont know if he would have to modify my guitar to fit it. Hopefull you guys can answer some of my questions. Thanks if you do.
The radius isn't (usually) a big deal; saddles can often be shimmed.

Aftermarket bridges are going to be priced at 10X and more what original equipment manufacturers pay for them. Sometimes a tech will be able to get the parts wholesale, and sometimes they'll have a "pull" sitting around in a parts bin. Ask.
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