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I have one question... Can alternate (alternative) tunings damage your guitar (ruin neck, damage machine heads, damage truss rod, bridge)?
Thanks for answers
only if you leave it for a long while in a particularly 'different' tuning. Tune it back up to standard after a couple of days at the longest.
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only if you leave it for a long while in a particularly 'different' tuning. Tune it back up to standard after a couple of days at the longest.

Even then it'd have to be a very different tuning to do damage. At most, realistically, you might have to adjust the truss rod.

However, to have a guitar working properly (sounding halfway decent) in a different tuning does require intonation adjustments, and possibly also action.
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just as long as there is not too much tension on the nexk you should be good. if you plan on tuning higher thn standard, opt for a thinner set of strings. if you plan on going lower, thicker strings. might have to adjust the truss a bit but damage is unlikely unless youre doing something really weird
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...all of which is why I personally opt to have specific guitars dedicated to particular tunings. That way, once I have the proper string gauges, action, intonation, and- if needed- truss rod adjustments for that tuning, I don't have to worry about there being any warping or other damage issues.
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Not if you adjust the truss rod accordingly. Even if you don't, I suspect there won't be any damage, just an unplayable guitar.
Unless you are trying to use stupid heavy strings (say a 6 string bass set) in standard or something like that you'll be fine. You really have to fine tune which set gets you your preferred tension in your preferred tuning but you really almost have to try to damage a guitar to damage it just with alternate tunings and string tension.
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If you don't adjust your truss rod, you will just end up with fret buzz (if you tune lower and don't change your string gauge).
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