So I decided to make a song about how I feel like at times, we're all becoming clones, or at times if you look around, most people are almost clones of each other, depending on what's cool etc.. this too a while to finally finish but i'm happy with the result. I got a new camera too so i can film my videos at home at a better quality. I thought i'd share it here. as usual feedback is great, tips to improve as well smile.gif
lyrics are on the video description since they're not easily understood .


Hey Man.

Very nice riffage. Knda reminded me of Gorguts at times. Your solo work is very impressive. The vocals sound pretty good as well (my death meal growls sound like an ill cookie monster).

Mix wise I felt it was missing a little bottom end. Your guitar tone is cool (I like the lower level of distortion - it keeps it nice and clean) but it could maybe do with some more lower end to fill out the bottom. Either that or give the bass some more scope at the bottom. Anyway, you've heard some of my mixing so yo know to take my suggestions with a pinch of salt!

Nice work.

Thank you for the review! Now your tune: guitar riffs are good & heavy. Vocals are too heavy for my taste, but not bad for the style (I pretty much always prefer melodic singing in music). Lead guitar is good; impressive at around 2:10! I was in Florida a few weeks ago on vacation: very good snorkeling at Key Largo.