Hi, I recently got a Zoom R8 recording interface. I thought that might take away the problem of the sounds I get from my computer when I try to record or even listen to music. When I listen to music on my computer with headphones plugged in its fine and I hear nothing abnormal. But when I could get a cable plugged into my headphone jack and into my amps aux input all this horrible noise would come up, I thought the cable was the problem or maybe the jack its self. But now with the Zoom R8 plugged in with out the cable in the headphone jack, i still get these terrible sounds from my computer and the Zoom R8 was connected with only a USB cord..what can I do to get rid of the noises my computer makes when I try to listen to music or record with an interface? It is driving me nuts. the recordings will be ruined and even if I just want to jam to a instrumental all this noise comes up, what can I do? Please help (p.s I would record with out head phones and use a mic instead but I cant because I've been evicted to many times for noise complaints )
1. You may want to invest in a powerful desktop. I have a Dell XPS with i7 and 16GB of memory and 2TB hard drive. I record with an ASIO buffer size of 64, which get latency close to zero, and it works great--almost never a skip or pop.

2. Stop unnecessary programs from running in the backround. Takes a lot of work to streamline your machine, especially if you use it for general computing like I do, but it's worth it. Relatedly, don't have any windows or other programs open when you record.

3. Don't run the HVAC when you are recording. Electrical surges interfere with DAW. This includes turning down the temperature to the refrigerator so that it doesn't switch on.